Office Culture Comparison0001

Office Culture Comparison0001 - You will be given two essay...

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Unformatted text preview: You will be given two essay questions that are similar to the two listed below. In the exam, you should read the question carefully, to make sure you address any changes. I. e::t (j'(c\ev '('<\\A~~ o~e~? A. f1' P"c~ v (AM Sandy is the CEO of a small, eighty-eerson company~ Boulder. Sandy's company produces computer chips sold directly to the Federal Government for satellite surveillance systems. Employees are engineers, project managers, computer technicians, and physicists. Higher paying technical jobs are held mostly by men, and administrative job are held mostly by women. Pat, the head of HR offered the following information: 4/s yu\e :: ~mMO. f ( j 'e· The company has 80% men, 20% women; Q~~5e ;1N 'Ipt.'lC+ i.CA • The company is 80% white, 5% black, 5% Hispanic, 10% Asian. Sandy recently consulted you, a consultant, on: 1) how best to prevent discrimination; 2) how to handle it, if it does occur; and 3) how to ensure compliance with the law . Your job is to make a recommendation to Sandy about all three items and to justify your recommendations. Consider all the laws and tools we discussed to date (e.g., diversity, AA, EEO, training). Clearly label each section and explain terms and justification in detail I I You may get a question on diversity. You'll need to define it and talk about how it differs from AA and EEO Title VII. You'll be given a company and asked to design a diversity program for the company. You may be asked to discuss the pros and cons of the programs. ,/ r< iC \It.\f'\~ o { d\~V"\c+,oY'\~ l) hO~ to pveverM dl5Cylmw,o.;\,\cn-?yo\J,cle i'•.•.. C \\m ()~ .~pdGi~ .sl.ApeY\lI~{S, mo-N:\us 'ole. L ()r¢ \().\,,\" " \~ cno..,,~'~tj. . . ••emp\0'le"(,s sW)u.~ tc\"(\m'A'(\IC~ wI erf\?\o,,\ec-s o..'oov.~ ~~,V" C.ClN'lN\\~ ~ ~ c\~CY\M\no.~ ~ ~ ~ '( t. e \'\'1 \¥ ()'t'\ff)~- e.5-\-o.'o\\Sh 0. coroP\o..\V\,. \(.eso\IJ..b~f\ ?~ cess It ?~S fur \(\~'(fICl\ 'fCSO \\,,\110n \. 'm\j,-hAo..\ o..~.,te:~e.n+ *'ycuq'" Y"f)ecl\o..~f"\ z. Vle\?,l"I~~ \I'(\~ _ c\CCU'M-et'I+'5 ~po.f\e\ ?ee..•... S '-.\eC 1S I()n 5 ' _ Be Ylone~ . ~ \lSb 'n~\o..~ch ...• ~s'5- ~"- Ci-n\'l .foy \Y'\.fo 'Iou '('\t:.ed .lro ~~ er()G. 31"'()~ ~ CON\?\\o.'f'C.e \J-.i I-\-'f\e \~ sen·,cn-t\.j, : e.xecv.-hy~ cvo.ev- 'fY\\A~-\ c~\Je\o? p. PI ? '( ( ) ~ '( o .m ~=:'I'(\e5'5 ~ e c .e $\~ _ ~~~~~~~v PG-'t vo.~ Of"' se,(\lc"(\~ O'r f '" '\ f ! . '( '\ ~ ~ ('oc.~ \0'0" 2.) Y\(J I.kl-ro 'rIo..V\d~~S\()f\S I AA P \Q..Y"\5! ~0t:U5 \~z..l \)D\\lt\'5\-hl- \'\\1VV\~Y\ <:'l\\e'(~~"'(.';;. ~",o.-\: roo.\ie ~p\e 6\'~fe'(~\\.lr ((o'(\"\YO\ (no CO(\1"YD\) z) 'Q,.f(e'(et\"\-- AJ\ ;; ~.~,\..~ . f \ I ' • _' ""V\'" lAy ,\,\ etYI r .() eY'Sto "if'G ce'f1o.m voup'5 l'\t\~ \(I\~ ~?\o~m~nt d~C~\o\"'l'5 C.o-l"'I ",c+ 'oe ~o.5ed 0\"'1 Yace,c.olo v , '(~ \\q \o n l(":~ < :"'"- I:J,«~Y<:nce te o - e\lm;(\()..-\~5 (;)bS;'o.~\.fo.\'( ~\o.\),'("\~ s;:\t\O APt.~ ?,o.'!ev5 'to ~Of'C'e 3) 'D\\levsl'W ?YOQ(b..'('f\ JS<A~J SlJ..p'P(j<~ qxulApS ('Y\{ V\ T'O v 5 P>?,?y'O,hCC' s~...
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2009 for the course MGMT 4010 taught by Professor Jennings,t during the Fall '08 term at Colorado.

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Office Culture Comparison0001 - You will be given two essay...

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