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power points and slides0001

power points and slides0001 - I Employer Employee Relations...

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I Employer Employee Relations PowerPoint Notes Performance Appraisals Objectives Management thinking: a Thinking in terms of measurable objectives a Thinking in terms of outcomes produced a Thinking in terms of employee impact a Thinking in terms of legal ramifications Management process: a Identify, measure, manage What is one of the main problems in performance appraisals from a psychological perspective? Employee Perspectiv:e Two formal documents or processes most employees use to understand where they stand and w.b,atthey should do UJ a The appraisal @a The job de.scription .... --,~ ~lus i)ROwledge, skills and ~ What is the purpose of the Petfori1iance evaluationyrom an individual and organizational perspective? Appraisals Organizations insist of having appraisals because a Most organizations have compensation systems that are linked to appraisals a The appraisal is the primary mechanism by which merit increases are assigned a Apprais'!!§ = direct feedback on what to do, and on what not to do a 'Reduction in force = deciding who will go and who will stay Pe armance appraisals have been great for documentation of unsatisfactory performance and c mpensation, but they are much underused for development purposes ut it is not so simple. The appraisal is a means to provide the employee with information elated to: Training a Ways to increase productivity '*'~ c;r.l~ a Career development needs ~\ 'fl" a Potential promo ability a Contribution to organizational goals How do you develop a successful performance appraisal? 4 Keys to an Appraisal Measure JOB RELATED characteristic All employees are periodically interviews Employs a systematic measure of the employee's value to the organization Essential information is recorded concerning the strengths and weaknesses of an employee in relation to development, advancement, training What are some best practices in measuring job related skills? Measurable Objectives j. *" Use observable behavior 2... ~ ¥easurable: end result measured in terms of quantity, quality, time line, acceptable standards, research, organizational or professional standards
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The key with observable behavior, is that it keeps you from measuring an employee on things you cannot see such as personality traits, attitudes, actions, words, and gestures can be used Observable behaviors are not part of the job description except when they are specifically related to the job. o For instance, a flight attendant might be rated on their hospitality, which could have components such as good personality. But it would usually be measured in observable behavior such as actions performed when greeting customers on a plane, handling of difficult situations, and finally, number of complaints received. Measuring the unobservable .
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power points and slides0001 - I Employer Employee Relations...

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