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Elizabeth Levin SID: 810-14-8948 MGMT4010 Due: Oct. 15 2008 Question 1: For my negative feedback experience that was unhelpful, I went in to see a teacher during office hours after I had done poorly on the test. I told him how I had studied for it, that I was meeting with a tutor regularly, and talked to him about having test anxiety. All he said to me was that it was unfortunate that I had done poorly, that there was nothing else he recommended I do, and that in business you can't have test anxiety. He could not have been less helpful and the way the conversation came across was that he could not have cared less about me or how I did in his class. This led me to not enjoy his class and not want to put the required effort into the class and doing well. His behavior and negativity towards me as a student who was going out of my way ~o do better and get his advice was extremely unhelpful. For my negative feedback experience that was helpful, I currently have a teacher who is very aggressive. He interrogate
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