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History Discussion 4

History Discussion 4 - owned by white men who hired...

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May 9, 2008 History Discussion 4 Poverty was still high in the 1960s The US was still the most prosperous nation and was sending millions of dollars to Vietnam Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and education were highlights of the time The movements began in the 30s but WWII crushed it McCarthy squashed the movements he died the movements grew again Women’s movements and black movements had to also do with class The wealthy and privileged could not relate to the share croppers Television put Vietnam in your living room The longer the war goes on, the more changes for the anti-war movement The south-west is worth multibillions
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Unformatted text preview: owned by white men who hired Mexicans for cheap labor • Triple depression: gender, class, and race • Native American were the poorest groups • Environmentalism now was prominent • Kennedy’s main goal was foreign policy • LBJ was born a poor Texan his goal was to end poverty • He pushed lots of legislation to end poverty and want to further the legacy of the New Deal and JFK • His legacy was however overshadowed by Vietnam (Ike however got us involved in it) • LBJ lowered the requirements to join the military (Project 100,000) Other Discussions: Tuesday = same room Thursday = HSSB 1237...
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