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History Discussion 1 - prohibition • WWII brings down the...

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April 11, 2008 History Discussion 1 The course intends to show what things do to have an impact at a given time FDR is a marketing point Hoover does take action to remedy the Depression, but not on a larger enough scale Propaganda associates the Depression with Hoover and reveres FDR The Depression has lasted so long, that is was just not a boom and goes through two presidents The Depression made things worse as it increased racism and poverty FDR provided psychological help His only platform for his presidency was the New Deal and the repeal of
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Unformatted text preview: prohibition • WWII brings down the Depression • FDR’s message of hope prevented anarchism and communism • The welfare state = the government has a responsibility to its citizens • FDR was the first president to utilize the strong presidency • He utilized his power, compromised to get what he wanted a true politician • He had a capitalist approach to served the economic crisis • Huey Long wanted equal wealth • FDR’s constant experiments led to revolutionary changes • Social Security was a result of the Townsend act...
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