chapter13 - The Urinary Sys = Important to Maintain...

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The Urinary Sys = Important to Maintain Homeostasis H 2 O, plasma, + EFC volume Electrolyte composition pH balance Eliminate body waste Kidneys = major site of urinary action Controlled by neural + hormonal output Maintain proper plasma volume (control BP) Maintain osmolarity in blood Controls ion + H 2 O balance Maintain acid-base balance Excrete waste of metabolism Produces erythropoietin (RBC) + rennin (Na + rentention) Convert vitamin D to active form Kidneys for the urine urinary sys eliminates it from body Kidneys filter plasma through it Retain necessary substance + eliminate unwanted substances + from urine Urine drains into ureter which leads bladder Urine stores in urinary bladder emptied periodically via urethra Urethra passes urine out of body Nephron = fxn’l unit of kidney Smallest unit that can perform all fxn of kidney Each kidneys has 1 million nephrons Nephron composed of smaller units = glomerulus = filtration unit Glomerulus = complicated structure that filters plasma H 2 O + solute filtered through glomerulus as blood passes through Blood delivered from renal artery Nephron = hollow tube w/ different region Plasma/fluid passes through it H 2 O + some solute are removed Plasma continues through series of tubes where cont’d filtration occurs Cont’d filtration returns useful substances Most plasma is returned (some needed to remove waste/urine) Filtration Process Outward filtration = indiscriminant (everything except plasma proteins is filtered) Inward filtration = precise control of what gets absorbed + what gets eliminated Three Basic Process of Nephrons 1. Glomerular Filtration—outward
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chapter13 - The Urinary Sys = Important to Maintain...

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