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Blood = medium for the transport of substances around body Composed of: Mostly H 2 O plasma (55-60%) - 90% water - 2% ions, gases, nutrients, hormones - 8% plasma proteins Red Blood Cells (40-45%) WBC, platelets, proteins , etc (1%) Cellular Elements in blood = Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, and Platelets Plasma = liquid part of blood 99% are erythrocyte cells Hematocrit is % of total blood occupied by erythrocytes Plasma is 90% H 2 O Functions of Plasma Proteins Estb. osmotic gradient btwn blood & interstial fluid Buffer ph changes Aid in blood-borne substance transportation Immunity as antibodies Fibrinogen = key to blood clot RBC = Erythrocytes Transport O + CO 2 & H ions Diameter = 8um No nucleus or organelles cant reproduce Is a package of hemoglobin molecules + Fe Flexible PM slides through caps Hemglobin = 2 parts Globin = 4, folded polypeptide chains Heme (Fe) = non-protein part
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