chapter10 - Vascular System = tubes deliver return blood...

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Vascular System = tubes deliver + return blood to/from tissues Move gasses Deliver Nutrients Waste Removal Communication It’s Pulmonary Side Gets ↓ O 2 , ↑CO 2 from heart Replenish O 2 + remove CO 2 Returns Blood to Heart It’s Systematic Side Sends ↑ O 2 blood to tissues Return ↓ O 2 blood to heart Blood sent parallel Tissues get blood b/c: 1. Tissues job needs it 2. Tissues metabolic needs (Not fixed) Reconditioning Organs (Digestive Organs, Kidney + Skin) receive blood flow in excess to their own needs Blood is constantly reconditioned Relative constant composition (day-to- day) Non-Reconditioning Organs (muscles, brain) receive blood according to their metabolic needs Less blood flow distribution (adjust to activity level) No extra margin of blood supply (gets what it needs) Muscles = ½ of blood req. tissues but only get 15% of blood at rest Flow Rate of Blood Flow through vessel is proportional to Pressure Gradient PG = pressure diff. btwn. beginning & end of vessel (main driving force) Blood flows high to low pressure ↑ pressure difference, ↑ flow Heart’s Job = Produce Pressure Blood Flow Heart Pumps transmit pressure to arteries Far from the heart = ↓ pressure Arteries assist to maintain pressure Vessel Radius = Major Determinant to resistance blood flow Δ small radial Δ big blood flow Arterioles blood flow highly affect by this Diameter Vessel offer ↑ Resistance Plasma proteins = don’t leave blood O2, CO2, Na, K = Leave blood Arteries carry blood from heart to tissue Branch of to smaller vessels arterioles Arterioles = smallest arteries Regulates diameter adjusts vol. of blood sent to organ Major regulatory vessel for flow rate Branch to capillaries Capillaries (smallest vessels) Single cell walled (membrane bound) Exchange vessels with all cells Give blood for cell’s metabolic needs Exchanges gasses, nutrients + wastes Straight flow merge into venules Venules + Veins Venules seen blood into small veins They return blood to heart Micro-circulation = arterioles, capillaries + venules Rapid Transport System (Arteries) At capillaries we need constant blood flow ↑ arterial radius, ↓blood flow resistance Blood moves fast from heart to tissues Arteries expand from a big vol. of blood sent into them when heart pumps They temporarily expand & hold the blood Blood Pressure Reservoir (Arteries) Elastic Recoil in walls flow of blood
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chapter10 - Vascular System = tubes deliver return blood...

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