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Amy Sexton English 215 10/28/08 Grace Longeway Peer Review for Paper 2 Grace, I sincerely enjoyed your paper. I think you have a good grasp on what you need to do to solidify and complete this assignment. You seem to have a good knowledge on Phoebus and his relation to the overall story. I made corrections in your actual paper—you should check those along with this revision letter. There are two grammatical/spelling errors and some other ideas you hit that I encouraged/discouraged. Also, some things you may want to work on are listed below. I’m sorry if I repeat things you already stated in your paper, but I want to make sure you rectify those because this assignment is in the works for being great! Happy revising! Your thesis is strong, but I want to warn you. I feel that you might not completely prove the progression of pure truth from its pagan conceptualization in your paragraph following your intro. HOWEVER, you do prove it in the rest of your paper! I would try to gather all of your ideas and put them into the paragraph
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