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response6 - trouble perfecting the stressed and unstressed...

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Amy Sexton English 215 Sec 308 – Chris Manslanka Response 6 Heroic Couplets Final Thoughts The pensive mind, the weaken’d soul, the hearts And wanting, and my Just willingness carts, Five, the morning fades to dust, my will give. But pensive as mind is, my soul will live On, until my dying day, say Goodbye To final thoughts, the apples of mine eye. I wrote these three heroic couplets in order to express an extinguished fire. Finals, end of the semester projects, papers, etc. can leave one particularly exhausted in the late hours of the evening, or early hours of the morning. I particularly focused on correctly using iambic pentameter to express complete thoughts in each pair of lines. I had a little
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Unformatted text preview: trouble perfecting the stressed and unstressed syllables, but overall, I believe my poem has a great flow, and interesting idea, and a play upon words. I am extremely happy with my heroic couplet in iambic pentameter, even if all the stressed and unstressed syllables do not meet. There are ten syllables to each line, a lot like many of the authors we have studied in this course, but my main focus was on Alexander Pope in “The Rape of the Lock”. The language I used is present English, with the exception of “weaken’d”....
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