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Amy Sexton 2/24/08 English 168 “Some believe that social structure is naturally developed. It may be caused by larger system needs, such as the need for labor, management, professional and military classes, or by conflicts between groups, such as competition among political parties or among elites and masses. Others believe that this structuring is not a result of natural processes, but is socially constructed. It may be created by the power of elites who seek to retain their power, or by economic systems that place emphasis upon competition or cooperation.” (Webster-online, p246) In “Paul’s Case”, by Willa Cather, some elements of the struggle between social classes are professions and general living, art and education. Paul’s loathing for common things is particularly shown whenever he approaches the street of his own home. His hatred for his surroundings suggests his middle-class placement. He lives in a standard home, among other standard homes: next to the Cumberland minister, with “respectable beds” and “common food”. On Sundays, Paul must attend church, a norm in the middle-class. His neighbors, in their Sunday finest, still do not measure up to Paul’s interpretation of living standards. Willa Cather paints a picture of these families sitting on their porches and talking to each other from door to door about “the prices of things, or told anecdotes of the sagacity of their various chiefs and overlords”. The years from 1900 to 1910 witnessed great growth in business and
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industry in America. Fortunes were made producing steel and iron: Andrew Carnegie,
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Paper1SocialClass - Amy Sexton English 168 Some believe...

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