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Amy Sexton ILS 203- Valerie Reed – Dis. Mon. 12:05 The Clash of Civilizations and the Underlying Themes Civilizations all over the world have evolved over time. Many civilizations are directly related to one another; adopting and redesigning neighboring cultures’ ideas and conditions into their own ways of life. In response to the “Clash of Civilizations”, different cultures are in a generous pattern of interaction and metamorphosis. Cultures are constantly acquiring new ideas and thoughts from other civilizations. This organic transformation of societies will be proven through examination of art and literature studied within this Integrated Liberal Studies course. 1. The magnificent Queen Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen who reigned as Amenhotep IV’s wife, is known for her immense beauty and grace portrayed in sculptures and portraits all over the Western world. Her tomb is adorned with lifelike portraits of Nefertiti, her husband, and her children. One particular theme in Nefertiti’s tomb is the grotesque carvings and paintings featuring the queen worshiping the gods but being very close, reflecting divine like qualities. Most of the representations in the tomb are iconographical, and tells another story of Nefertiti’s experiences of being queen of Egypt. Another interesting part of the portraits is the immense amount of human-animal hybrids occurring throughout the tomb. These drawings, even though underdeveloped, carry an account of history through art and representation. 2. The story of the attack on the Trojans has long been a part of Western
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final! - Amy Sexton ILS 203 Valerie Reed Dis Mon 12:05 The...

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