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Citations Artnet WorldWide Corporation. "8-16." Robert Arneson on ArtNet. 9 Oct. 2007. < http:// >. Sward, Susan. "Obituaries- Scupltor Robert Arneson Dies of Cancer." The San Francisco Chronicle .Final (November 04 1992): D7. Rubin, Michael. "Foreward." Rudy Autio Work 1983-1996. White Swan Press, 1996. Maylon, John. "ArtCyclopedia." Rudy Autio Online. 9 Oct. 2007. <
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Unformatted text preview: &gt;. Traditional Fine Arts Organization, Inc. &quot;Mary Ann Currier: A Retrospective.&quot; Mary Ann Currier: A Retrospective. 2 Oct. 2007. &lt; &gt;. Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery. &quot;Mary Ann Currier.&quot; Mary Ann Currier-Biography. 3 Oct. 2007. &lt; &gt;. Research Assignment: Pt. 1 Robert Arneson, Rudy Autio, and Mary Ann Currier Amy Sexton Art 224 : Ceramics M/W: 8:50- 11:20...
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Citations - &amp;amp;gt;. Traditional Fine Arts...

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