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Amy Sexton ART 224 Proposal – Moche Figurative Vessels In studying the Moche figurative vessels, I realized that much of their symbolism is drawn into pots with facial features. I am going to draw on this aspect in my final piece of the semester. I plan on building a mold of plaster (if possible) and to build three pieces, just as the Moche culture has done, and put them together in a totem pole. These three faces will represent different emotions, which haven’t been decided yet, but will relate to each other in significance to my own emotions. I believe that when these three pieces are placed together, they form one large totem of emotion, but apart they represent three separate entities. I will incorporate the Moche method of placing two moulds
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Unformatted text preview: together to achieve symmetry, but I will place my own faces of emotion into the moulds portraying my own individuality. Below are some sketches of my finished project. The first is the top face on the totem, the second represents the middle face, and the third is the final face that rests on the table at the bottom of the totem. I plan on building the moulds, with plaster if possible, and hand and using them to create the other three faces. I will then carve into the clay the faces chosen to represent the totem. The faces will be solid to achieve a sense of balance and finished product. I also believe the texture will stay smooth because I intend to glaze and paint the finished piece....
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