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Sexton 1 Amy Sexton Matthew Holland Lit Trans 275 10 September 2008 Becoming Familiar with Hans Christian Andersen As small children, most people become familiar with works based off of Hans Christian Andersen’s tales. Personally, I have become very familiar through Walt Disney’s portrayal of certain stories. My favorite movies and bedtime stories as a child were Cinderella, Snow White and The Little Mermaid. I was extremely fond of all the Disney fairy tales when I was young and still remember the videos vividly. I believe I also saw Disney on Ice, which still portrayed Hans Christian Andersen’s stories within the plots of the movies. I also became familiar with The Ugly Duckling . I really enjoyed this particular story because of the “duckling’s” growth into a beautiful swan. Andersen’s stories seem
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Unformatted text preview: to always have an underlying message; I’ve taken quite a liking to this particular message. Even though the small animal was born into a duck yard and ridiculed for his looks, he still prevailed at the end of the story. I am quite fond of plots where the hero triumphs over injustice. This story has a wonderful underlying meaning, and Andersen’s message has great intentions. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy Andersen’s stories. I tend to greatly enjoy reading his fairy tales and applying them to the messages he has intended to portray. I am greatly looking forward to becoming more familiar with his works and his tales throughout the semester....
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InformalWritingAssign - to always have an underlying...

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