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Amy Sexton 10/15/08 HCA Dis 12:55 Thu Matthew Holland Library Assignment Garfield, Patricia. Ph. D. “The Dreams of Hans Christian Andersen.” IASD . 21 June 2004. Copenhagen, Denmark. < > This article gives a brief synopsis of the life of Hans Christian Andersen. It also focuses on his ideas for his stories and how they relate to his life before and during his writings. This article mainly focuses on “Andersen’s frequent dream themes, chiefly his universal and his unique ones.” It also shows the relationship of his dreams to his ‘waking life’ and, reveals how his dreams and his life found expression in his tales. I believe Dr. Garfield’s method of dissecting Andersen’s conscious and subconscious was
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Unformatted text preview: extremely helpful and informative. My research shows that she is a reliable source; she is a worldwide authoritative figure on dreams. She is one of the six co-founders of The Association for the Study of Dreams and is the 1998-99 President. Her bestseller Creative Dreaming is considered a classic, and is available in fourteen languages. I enjoyed her analysis of Andersen’s dreams, and her ideas on the divided world. This source will be extremely valuable to my research because she assesses the divided world, which is my main topic, and how it relates to Andersen’s biographical life. I also feel that her ideas on the use of voices and dreams will help my analysis of Anne Lisbeth and the voice/soul of her deceased son....
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