REVIEW HCA FINAL - REVIEW HCA FINAL What is important to...

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What is important to know? Stories Content, style, significance Thematic emphasis Supporting details Concepts, terms, names Biographical connections and information about HCA Your interpretation of the stories and how they fit together Thematic Categories o Death = Something, the Pine Trees, the Story of A Mother, etc. o Religion = The Red Shoes, The Girl Who Stepped on Bread, The Evil King, etc. o Art o National Identity o Social Critique Ways to Analyze Tales Biographical o How might each tale relate to Andersen’s life Thematic (Socio-critical, religious) o How is society depicted? How does this tale resonate with our modern culture? Existential o What choices do the characters make and what do they mean? Form and Structure o What kind of narrative innovations does Andersen introduce? Narrative perspective? Frame Story? Biographical Issues Aging: health issues, loneliness, death Historical events: Schleswig-Holstein wars (1848/1864), industrialization Split personality: happy go lucky or tormented soul? Traveling around Europe and Orient o Sense of alienation from homeland o Living with friends, uncomfortable apartments Sensitivity to critics, satirical attacks o Question of formal vs. informal address o Relationship to collin family, his mother, Kierkegaard, the Heibergs, the Melchiors, the Henriques
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REVIEW HCA FINAL - REVIEW HCA FINAL What is important to...

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