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Amy Sexton 11/11/08 Institutional Analysis Political Science 205 Dis Fri 8:50 AM Institutional Analysis Bureaucracy Debating the Issue, p337 Palos Heights is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It was incorporated in 1959. In 2005, the population soared at 12,960. The Palos Heights government is of the mayor-council type. I grew up in this city. It is about twenty minutes from Chicago, and around two and a half hours from Madison, Wisconsin. Should private companies do what public bureaucracies are now doing? The truth of the matter is, simply, private companies cannot always match up to the efficiency and equalities that public bureaucracies can. For example, the city of Palos Heights have a contract with Allied Waste Services for the collection and disposal of solid waste from all single-family residences within the corporate limits, except for condominiums and multi- unit buildings. This privately run company works with the city in order to keep the prices of garbage removal fair. Currently, the price for single-family residences is around twenty-one dollars and around twenty dollars for senior citizens, including a toter rental fee. Without this dynamic between the city and this private company, Allied Waste Services could charge any particular amount they wanted for waste disposal. Unfortunately, not all single-family homes could afford such prices and waste disposal and management could become a large problem economically and health-wise. With
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extra waste, large health problems arise, causing more economic deficiencies because not all of the families in Palos Heights, Illinois can afford or even have health insurance. Also, the upkeep of the city in general would suffer due to the large amounts of waste not being transported and disposed of properly. In addition, private companies leave more room for corruption and therefore, lead to the downfall of the city’s garbage disposal in general. Efficiency is the main goal for bureaucracies and keeping waste disposal, among other things, public maintains equality among the city. Private companies could take care of parks, plow snow, and operate parking lots.
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instanal - Amy Sexton Institutional Analysis Political...

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