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Amy Sexton 9/29/08 Political Science 205 Discussion Fri 8:50AM Campaigning For Faketown My candidate’s name is Robert Jonathon Johnson Jr. He is a father; husband, brother, son, upstanding citizen and dedicated attorney. Robert is a family man; he was born and raised on his family farm with his mother, Mary Beth, his father, Robert Sr. (aka “Big Bob”), and his three brothers, Mark, Jacob and Randy. Robert, also known as “R.J.”, attended the local high school, Faketown High, and graduated at the top of his class. Robert then continued on to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Robert then graduated from UW-Madison’s law school and began his own firm by the time he had reached thirty in Faketown, WI. Robert has been practicing law for three years, and is now running for the Republican seat in the State Assembly. The major message my candidate wants to convey about himself personally is his dedicated work ethic and his ‘oneness’ with the people. Robert began his life in the same way many others did in Faketown, therefore; he is a candidate that can connect with his community because of their similar lifestyles. Robert has “people- person” skills that most politicians lack and he has the ability to reach them on a level that makes the community feel comfortable and safe. The main issue Robert is going to work for is state funding for small family famers and better compensation for educators. Robert will work against the increase of tuition for UW students, and he has come up
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with a financial plan to raise gas taxes very slightly to help pay for reconstruction of roads around Faketown. This message will try not to exclude any particular group. Robert is interested in unifying Faketown, not further segregating it. Robert is also interested in reaching the small family farmers who are struggling and in need of assistance from the state. He has a financial plan to help acquire more state funding and better insurance plans for these said farmers. He also plans to attain improved state funding for educators and administrators. Robert is a law school graduate and firmly believes that success is based on education
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CampaignStrategyBobJohnson - Amy Sexton 9/29/08 Political...

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