CampaignGrassroots - ` Political Science 205 Parties...

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` Political Science 205 Parties, Campaigns and Elections VOTERS AND VOTING 0. Eligibility Federal Constitution and Laws State Constitution and Laws 1. Registration Who, where, when Felons 2. Ballot Form Access and integrity Verification of identity Crawford v. Marion County Elections Board (2008) Absentee/mail Voting period Help America Vote Act, 2002 LEGISLATIVE DISTRICTS 3. One-person one-vote Baker v. Carr (1962) Reynolds v. Sims (1964)
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4. Redistricting After census By whom? 5. Gerrymandering (joining of legislative districts) -Consciously drawing boundaries in ways that advantage a certain group or party Racial Partisan NOMINATION 0. Announcement(s) 1. Primary 0. Nonpartisan (no affiliation on the ballot) - typically help in spring, not fall 1. Partisan 0. Open – can make the choice (Rep/Dem) at time of voting— cannot vote for both 1. Closed – cannot vote any other way than what you are affiliated with (Rep/Dem), but you can switch before election
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CampaignGrassroots - ` Political Science 205 Parties...

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