bee 5 - 1 In the US CO2 emissions report it was estimated...

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1) In the US CO 2 emissions report, it was estimated that CO 2 emissions ensuing from the generation of electricity reached 2,245 million metric tons. This was noticed to be a dramatic increase of 1.4 percent from the previous year, which is 30 million metric tons. This increase in emissions is due to many accumulating factors. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels containing carbon are burned (these include coal, oil, or natural gas). This process of emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is increasing at alarming rate because of society’s current mentality concerning sustainability. Approximately 1ppm/year of carbon dioxide is released into the environment from the burning of fossil fuels. As a result of this increase in CO 2 concentration, major global climate changes like the greenhouse effect have ensued. The greenhouse gasses (CO 2 being one of the major players) absorb some of the heat that is converted from the sunlight that reaches earth. This heat is then trapped near earth’s surface. In turn, these greenhouse gases cause the earth to warm up. The main reason why this is occurring is because most people do not see the deleterious effects that result from fossil fuel burning and other activities associated with carbon dioxide release. Society does not see the dire need to sustain the current environment because the current minimal change is not large enough to make people want to make a difference. The main reason we are witnessing a great increase in the amount of CO 2 emitted into the atmosphere is because society is becoming extremely dependent on energy consumption. As the demand for energy increases, resources begin to be consumed and adverse effects to the environment begin to become reality. This can be seen during economic growth, thermal efficiencies, and climatic conditions (as mentioned above). In terms of economic growth, earth is becoming more and more populated everyday. This increase in economy is directly correlated with the amount of electricity consumed, as well as other resources. As the consumption of energy sources continues to increase, so does the demand for the source. Therefore, the increasing economy this is demanding more energy sources for consumption is the driving force behind increased carbon dioxide emissions. In response to these increasing emissions is the warming of our atmosphere. Over the last 10-20 years, the United States has experienced record- breaking years of warmth. This increased the demand for another electrical device, air conditioning, fans, and other cooling devices powered by energy consumption. This limited hydroelectric power and increased the release of carbon dioxide output from coal-fired plants and gas release. Also, we can not forget about the inefficiency of energy conversion for consumer use. It has been reported that typical power plants convert only 1/3 of the energy consumed towards electricity, while the remaining energy is released into the atmosphere as
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bee 5 - 1 In the US CO2 emissions report it was estimated...

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