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bee 9 assignment 2

bee 9 assignment 2 - Project Location and Design of a Pig...

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Project: Location and Design of a Pig Farm This particular pig farm will be located in Vermont. Instead of the typical intensive and outdoor piggeries of pastured pigs (typically inhumane treatments), I am going to employ a method of pasture raising. The pigs will attain most or all of their diet from grazing and foraging. My field settings will allow the pigs not to have problems with heat stress, sunburn, and close-quarter spread of various infections. This type of pig farming will allow manure to be naturally spread across large areas which will allow vital nutrients to return to the soil. The return of natural resources back to the environment is key for sustaining our planet’s natural resources, and this strategy of pig farming will slow down the rate of natural resource depletion. Also, morbidity levels are far lower. Therefore this will lead to higher survival rates as well as improved profits for my small farm. In order to prevent overgrazing and erosion of the soil, techniques of managed rotational grazing will be incorporated. I am definitely going to involve the tactic of co-
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