bee 10 - According to William E. Rees, an ecological...

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According to William E. Rees, an ecological footprint is “the corresponding area of productive land and aquatic ecosystems required to produce the resources used, and to assimilate the wastes produced, by a defined population at a specified material standard of living, wherever on Earth that land may be located.” This term has emerged as the leading measure of humanity’s demand on nature for survival. For humans, we can record the consumption data and convert it into an area that supplies these ecosystem resources that are annually appropriated by each person. Part I: Friday - May 27, 2009 CONSUMPTION 1. Fruits, Vegetables, Grains: 1 apple, ½ cucumber, 1 cup spaghetti, 1 cup rice Dairy, Meat: 2 cups skim milk, 1 hot pork sausage, ½ small salmon, ½ small tuna Manufactured, Junk Foods: ¼ box cheez-its, 4 12 oz Gatorades 2. Water used: 4 8 oz cold water (drinking from bottles), flushed toilet 4 times, 5 minute warm shower, washed hands warm water 3 times (5 seconds each), 2 cups warm water, brush teeth twice 3. Single-used Items: ¼ 2-ply toilet paper roll, 4 plastic Wegman’s water bottles, 4 12 oz plastic Gatorade bottles 4. Energy Consumption: room light 3 hours (150 Watt bulb), additional desk lamp 1 hours (150 Watt bulb), Laptop computer plugged in and on 8 hours, 10 minutes gas stove for three burners, charged phone for 1 hour
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bee 10 - According to William E. Rees, an ecological...

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