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bee assignment 3 part 1

bee assignment 3 part 1 - A system is an entity which...

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A system is an entity which maintains its existence through the interaction of its elements. Therefore, the action of a person walking from a starting point (A) to a destination point (B) is a system supported by interactions along its path. This interaction is the driving force behind the system. For example, consider a simplified model of a man walking in extremely cold conditions (Ithaca winter). The man’s desired comfort is to get from point A (home residence) to point B (Cornell book store) as fast as possible in order to minimize the amount of time spent in between (in doing so, the body’s internal temperature increases as the walking speed increases which keeps him warmer – does not like to be cold). The man’s desired comfort (staying warm) interacts with the current environmental climate conditions producing a gap. This gap influences him to increase his walking speed, influencing the body’s internal temperature which influences the current environmental climate conditions (makes the outdoor temperature feel warmer than it actually is), thus reducing the gap.
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