ee 9 - Now let's see how this translates in 'practice.'...

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Now let's see how this translates in 'practice.' Imagine you are undertaking one of the following projects: Placement and construction of a park-and-ride lot Location and design of a pig farm Sub-division development Construction of a live-work building Some other project (check with your instructor before proceeding) In this assignment you are to outline and assess the project in terms of growth issues and the principles of sustainable development. Give a brief description of your project and then answer the following questions: 1. What 'growth' issues need to be considered? 2. What questions do you want to ask? 3. How will you evaluate and 'price' the environmental and socio-economic impacts? (You need to talk about the means/mechanisms you'll use; a comment about emphasizing one thing over another is not enough.) 4. What changes/ modifications would you want to make to the traditional/conventional approaches to your project so that it will be more consistent with the aims of sustainable development? Project: Location and Design of a Pig Farm This particular pig farm will be located in Vermont. Instead of the typical intensive and outdoor piggeries of pastured pigs (typically inhumane treatments), I am going to employ a method of pasture raising. The pigs will attain most or all of their diet from grazing and foraging. My field settings will allow the pigs not to have problems with heat stress, sunburn, and close-quarter
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ee 9 - Now let's see how this translates in 'practice.'...

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