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HD 220 Brain Research 2 - Detailed instructions are on the...

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Brain Science in the News: One of the goals of the course is to help all of us be better consumers of science information in the non-science media. Brain research is often highlighted in the media. Sometimes this research is represented well, but other times it is sensationalized, hyped, or otherwise misrepresented. Periodically we will discuss in class a media account of a new scientific finding, comparing it to the actual published research and learning to critically evaluate the media’s accounts. If you choose, you can do a similar exercise for extra credit.
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Unformatted text preview: Detailed instructions are on the website. In brief, the assignment requires you to: 1) find a news report on some brain science topic, 2) find the original article, 3) try to understand the original scientific article, and 4) compare the news report to the actual scientific article. These 4 parts must be handed in together. The maximum amount of points possible for all 4 parts of this exercise is 18 points. The last day possible to turn in this exercise is April 15th....
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