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Poster Instructions HD 220 POSTER PRESENTATION HD 220 The poster presentation grading option requires you to create and present a poster (or some other media type of presentation) on any topic related to neurobiology. Some possible topics and ones from previous years include: The neurobiology of schizophrenia Alzheimer’s Disease The role of the cerebellum in autism Prozac and other SSRIs in the treatment of depression Use of animals in neurobiology research: the pros and cons Phineas Gage and the frontal cortex Effects of aging on the brain Long-term potentiation Analysis of a mental disorder (e.g., PTSD, Bipolar, etc.) A list of “pre-approved” topics is on the website under Assignments. If one of these looks like something you are interested in, let Dr. Ganzel know. Since we don’t want duplication of the same topic, the topics will be “given out” on a first come basis. However, you can also pick your own topic – just check in with Dr. Ganzel to get it approved. Find a topic we covered in class that interests you or something you’ve always been interested in and explore it in more depth. Here is a website with some good advice about making an effective poster. http://www.kumc.edu/SAH/OTEd/jradel/Poster_Presentations/PstrStart.html Important Dates Topic must be approved by Dr. Ganzel before Spring Break. Poster session will be during study week (time TBA), Location is also TBA but will probably be in the basement level of the atrium in the West wing of MVR. Poster is due at that time. In order to maximize your grade, read the instructions below & look at the grading rubric included at the end of these instructions, it will give you an idea of how I will grade each aspect of the poster. p. 1
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Poster Instructions HD 220 Style Basics POSTER SIZE – I will not dictate an exact size. Cornell Store has poster board that would be fine as well as illustration board that is thicker and more expensive. Please get 3-panel presentation boards (CU Bookstore, Staples, Target, etc.), as they stand upright on their own. POSTER TITLE – Keep it brief, use large enough font (48-96 font). POSTER TEXT – Text should be easily readable from about 3 feet away. Use at least 18-24 point font for the text. Use larger (24-48) font for subtitles to different sections. Double space text. Use only 1 font style (e.g. Times, Courier, Geneva) on the poster. Use a font that is easy to read. Be careful about using too much color, especially in the text and background. Make sure everything is easy to read. Pictures are an important part of a poster.
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HD 220 Poster - Poster Instructions HD 220 POSTER...

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