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bipolar disorder - Ryan C McCreery HD 320 EaU March 9 2008...

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Ryan C. McCreery HD 320 EaU March 9, 2008 Bipolar Disorder: Affecting More than the Individual Bipolar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder, is characterized radical mood swings, rapid changes in the level of energy (episodes of mania followed by states of depression), and a decline in functioning. According to the website AnswerPoint, approximately 5.7 million Americans are affected by this disease and are often undiagnosed. One unfortunate individual who to this day is still suffering from this disturbing disease is my best friend’s older brother. Although I did not personally interview this individual, I have witnessed many of his bipolar experiences in the past through my personal tie with his brother. My friend’s brother has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for many years now. Although medication made reality seem as though he was living a normal and functional life, this was clearly not the case for this individual. I have experienced both his manic side (episodes of highs) and his depressive side (episodes of lows). These radical changes in mood have caused him to make many poor choices in life; especially during his manic episodes. His manic episodes
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bipolar disorder - Ryan C McCreery HD 320 EaU March 9 2008...

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