Artemis and Apollo - Artemis- twin sister of Apollo...

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Artemis- twin sister of Apollo Attributes- Huntress of the Gods One of the most ancient Gods Beautiful Chaste- avoids men entirely, dislikes men, Virgin Older twin Usually depicted with a bow and arrow Also goddess of childbirth Birth of Artemis and Apollo Zeus and Leto Island of Delos- Holy Island, temple to Apollo Artemis was born on Ortygia, "quail island" perhaps another name for Delos. In Sicily, temple to Apollo on Ortygia. Niobe, queen of Thebes and her children The queen had many sons and daughters and bragged about this to Leto. Artemis and Apollo shot and killed all of the queen's children. Artemis and Actaeon Actaeon was a hunter and his mates and he got separated from the group and stumble upon Artemis bathing naked in the spring. Artemis was highly embarrassed and anger so she turned Actaeon into a deer and his own dogs ate him. Seduction of Callisto- Zeus disguises as Artemis and seduces Callisto. Callisto becomes impregnated. Artemis finds out and banishes from the group. The child becomes a hunter and Callisto becomes a bear her
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Artemis and Apollo - Artemis- twin sister of Apollo...

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