Demeter and Eleusinian Mysteries

Demeter and Eleusinian Mysteries - Triptolemos Demeter and...

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Demeter and Eleusinian Mysteries- Vail Serious goddess Very important with respect to food God of Food Name means "Earth-mother" But she is much different kind of mother goddess than we normally encounter Not sexually blatant, but redefined and pure represented by the love between a mother and her daughter Goddess of Crops and Harvest Epitomized in 2 ways: The abduction of Persephone by Hades Eleusinian Mysteries Demeter, distressed goes in search of her daughter with no success for 9 days, Then she seeks out Hecate and Helios who tell her what happens In her depression, Demeter refuses to eat or drink anything drink, avoids the other gods, and roams the earth. She eventually makes it to Eleusis where she meets the 4 daughters of Celeus, the king.
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Unformatted text preview: Triptolemos Demeter and Persephone teach him how to plant and grow plants, he teaches the world the art of agriculture Eleusinian Mysteries-Yearly festival to honor Demeter which last 55 days , different activities take place, very important to worship Demeter for bountiful harvest. Begin with holy objects, relics, and march in a parade to at Wailing Fasting Carrying of torches Exchange of jests Drinking of Kykeon Wearing of special dress Multiple levels of initiation Anybody could/should participate Allegories and Archetype The seasons Two mothers The Forbidden Fruit Coming of Age...
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