Hermes - Apollo's Cattle-Cleverly steals Apollo's cattle...

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Hermes- The most enigmatic character- biggest troublemaker of all gods, but is always nice to mortals, intermediator between mortals and gods. Attributes- Young and Handsome (but not always beardless) Musician (invented the lyre) God of Poetry, literature, and oratory Herald and escorts of the gods Psychopompos (escorts dead to Hades) Protector of travelers God of Transitions (adulthood, death, sexuality) God of Thieves (Apollo's cattle) God of shepherds and merchants God of weights and measures God of Athletics Material Attribute's Petasos- traveler's hat (wide rim hat) Caduceus- the messenger's staff Talaria- winged sandals Herms- a special kind of road-sign, placed at cross roads of major routes Offerings are given to the Herms, leaving offering at Herms Genealogy Parents- Zeus and Maia, daughter of Atlas and Pleonie Born in Arcadia- perfect for shepherds Invention of the Lyre Hermes leaps out of his mother;s arms and gets into trouble He picks up a tortoise outside the cave , guts it, then attaches some reeds to it stretches the
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Unformatted text preview: Apollo's Cattle-Cleverly steals Apollo's cattle leading then backwards to disguise their trail and wearing sandals which he invents to cover his footprints When confronted, he denies any wrongdoing claiming that he was just born yesterday Eventually, they appeal to Zeus who gets to the truth. The two half-brothers reconcile and exchange gifts: the lyre for access to the Thriae. Not all divine powers are morally upright. Deceit is a powerful force that must have a god behind it. Hermes' Transgressions- Boundary between legal and illegal Truth and lies Family ties Youth and adulthood Psychopompos-Leads the dead to Hades Escorts Heracles to Olympus Helps Zeus sneak into Alcmene's window Slays Argus-Argus has eyes all over his body and Hermes slays him to help his father Protects Odysseus-Hermaphroditus and Salmacis-Incredibly shy, hunting in woods, Salmacis falls in love with him and can resist herself so she squeezes him so hard that they turn into one. Hermaphrodite....
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Hermes - Apollo's Cattle-Cleverly steals Apollo's cattle...

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