Orpheus and Orphism

Orpheus and Orphism - down Everyone stops in Hades...

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Orpheus and Orphism- Most tragic love story, many themes from this story can be seen repeated over and over again Takes place in Thrace, not an urban setting with tribal organization 'wild west', very mountainous and wooded, More frontier like, Orpheus- early celebrity, first 'rock star' , music is very important, Orpheus and Eurydice are to be married, Eurydice is walking in the forest and gets bitten by a snake and dies goes to Hades Orpheus goes to Hades and pleads Hades and Persephone to return his bride. In order to convince them he sings a song and everyone gets very emotional. Song is so beautiful that the wheel of Ixios stops spinning and his thirst and hunger goes away and he pouts the rock
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Unformatted text preview: down. Everyone stops in Hades everything. They are allowed to leave but until they reach the surface he cannot look back at her BUT, as they are about to leave he turns to look at her and he looses her forever. Orpheus then in his depression goes into the woods and avoids human contact and play to the animals only. Woman of Thrace are furious over this because Orpheus is not paying attention to them, so they attack him. The woman Love conquers all including death The musician is as powerful as the warrior You cannot grieve forever You must share your talents...
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