The Myth - Juan Leon The Arizonan Twins The Sonoran Desert...

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Juan Leon 3/9/09 The Arizonan Twins The Sonoran Desert witnessed the birth of the most incompatible twins. Even before they were born, these twins were in constant conflict with one another in their mothers’ womb. On their birthday, the desert was in utter stillness; there was nothing to be heard except the howling of a wildcat and the clashing of a pitchfork. Ate, the goddess of foolish acts, and Aniketos, the Gate-Keeper at Mount Olympus, incapable of taking control of their newly born sons decided that the best way to keep the twins from fighting was to separate them as far as possible. Aniketos decided to take Wilbur Wildcat to Mount Olympus, where he worked. He would teach Wilbur the way of the Olympian Gods and the art of Gate-Keeping. Ate took Sparky Sun Devil on her quest of doing foolish acts upon mortals, which Sparky will soon follow her footsteps. While at Mount Olympus, Aniketos taught Wilbur everything on how to be a true Olympian god. From being fair and just to being a powerful god, Aniketos wanted Wilbur to become one of the best Olympian gods that ever existed. As soon as Wilbur arrived at Mount Olympus he was welcomed warmly by all of the gods and their servants. Interestingly enough, Athena formed a very strong bond with the newly arrived Olympian god. Every day, Athena would take Wilbur to her home where she would teach him everything she knew about her wisdom and her skill in battle as a warrior. After many years of lessons from Athena, Wilbur became one of the best warrior gods and one of the wisest. However, Athena was not the only Olympian god who formed a strong bond with Wilbur; Zeus was also very involved in the upbringing of Wilbur. Zeus would take Wilbur everywhere and he would teach him everything there was to know about that particular trip. Wilbur became so fascinated by traveling with the greatest god of the Olympian gods that he would not take for granted all of the teachings of Zeus.
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Aniketos, Wilbur’s father, also taught Wilbur the art of Gate-Keeping. He taught Wilbur how to stand guard at the door, how to greet the gods as they enter and exit Mount Olympus, and how to
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The Myth - Juan Leon The Arizonan Twins The Sonoran Desert...

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