The Theban Saga

The Theban Saga - Amphion and Zethus plot revenge against...

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The Theban Saga- Thebes- northeast in Greek peninsula The "Cadmeion" in Thebes Named after the city's founder, son of Agenor, (King of Tyre) and brother of Europa. The abduction of Europa by Zeus Zeus disguises as a bull and abducts Europa Maybe it’s a metaphor for the colonization of Europe. Had son, Minos, who is the king of Knossos Cadmus asks the Oracle at Delphi to help find her sister, Europa. The Oracle tells him to follow the cow. As soon as she stops sacrifice the cow. The cow stops at thebes. In order to sacrifice her he needs water so he goes searching and finds it but it is protected by a serpent which is sacred to Ares. He kill the serpent with help form athena and founds the city. Cadmus must be Are's slave for many years and after that Ares offers his daughter Harmonia to him. Cadmus successors' Pentheus- spies on miinos Labdacus- similar to above Laius- Lycus- furious for suicide of brother due to zeus and sister and law, kills sister in law
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Unformatted text preview: Amphion and Zethus- plot revenge against lycus Laius- old enough to take throne, fell in love with Chrysippus Oedipus-kills father marries mother Oedipus-Laius orders servant to kill oedipus but he offered baby to farmers from Corinth. In corinth oedipus is made fun of, so he goes to the delphic oracle, the oracle tells him no to return home because he will kill his father and marry his mother. Hero list i. Great great great great grandparents are Ares and Aphrodite ii. Father ordered him exposed on Mt. Citharaeon iii. Incidents against Laius and the sphinx iv. g v. Same as 3 vi. Same as 3 Destiny and the will of the gods are immutable Trangress and you snd/ot decendandts will pay Social order or justices must be maintained The rich and famous are not immune to suffering...
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