Zeus - Zeus Supreme among gods but not omnipotent...

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Zeus- o Supreme among gods but not omnipotent o Monogamous but not very good at it o He upholds justice but is not bound by it o The epitome of the "multifaceted, infinitely varied, and wondrously complex" nature of mythology. o Name means bright o God of sky hurls thunder and lightning o Carries the Aegis (goat skin) o The oak and the eagle are also his symbols o The chryselephantine cult statue at this temple in Olympia (fidus) o Temples to Zeus: Nemea(had Olympic-like games), Athens, Olympia 1. Hera- o “I sing about golden-throned Hera, whom Rhea bore, immortal queen, utstanding in beauty, sister and wif of loud-thundering eus; she is the illustrious one whom all the blessed ones throughout high Olympus hold in awe and honor, as they do Zeus who delights in his lightning and thunder.” Zeus and Hera- Eileithya, goddess of birth Hebe, cupbearer to the gods marries Heracles Hephaestus, god of crafts, arts, and fire. Born lame marries Aphrodite Ares, god of war Other Children of Zeus- Muses- 9 muses of Zeus and Mnemosyne The Fates: 3 daughters of Zeus and Themis Nature of the Gods- Anthropomorphism- Literally means human-shaped The gods are just like humans, only more so. They have bodies and can even be deformed. They move, speak, eat, and drink.
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Zeus - Zeus Supreme among gods but not omnipotent...

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