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Unformatted text preview: Brendan Kerr SOC 330 God in the Movies The Legend of Bagger Vance "God is happiest when his children are at play." This film by Robert Redford was very enjoyable to watch and has a great story. The question for the movie is: In what ways was Bagger Vance a metaphor for God? I can see many ways that the character can be seen as a God-like figure. There are many instances throughout the film that deal closely with aspects that usually surround what most people consider to be God. The overall theme that I came up with is the value of a caddy to a golfer. For one who is not familiar with golf, this can be hard to grasp. A caddy is the golfer's second set of eyes, he is usually an experienced man in the sport and whose advise is dearly accepted. In this film Bagger Vance is the caddy and he offers his services to Junuh. I believe that Bagger Vance is a metaphor for the caddy and he offers his services to Junuh....
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