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Structure.questions XII answer - 3 What is the directional...

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MTLE-2100 Structure of Engineering Materials, Questions. XII -Answers 1. Dislocation. Calculate the separation distance of dislocations in a low angle (2 ° ) grain boundary (tilt boundary) in Al. | b | = 0. 286 nm. Using the relation D θ =b, D = b/ θ θ = 2x π /180 = 0.0349, D = 0.286 nm/0.0349=8.19 nm. 2. Explain why a slip in metals take place most easily on the most densely packed plane. The energy needed is smallest on the densely packed plane. It is similar to slide on a plane where marbles are densely packed.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is the directional relation between the dislocation line and its Burger’s vector of an edge dislocation? They are perpendicular to each other. 4. What is the stacking fault? Crystal imperfection where stacking sequence, e.g ABCABC in (111) plane of fcc, is disrupted. 5. The dominant slip system in rock salt structure, e.g. MgO, CaO is {110}<110>. Indicate the slip plane and direction in the attached rock salt structure....
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