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NATS 101 Final Exam

NATS 101 Final Exam - Whitney Peterson Section 28 NATS 101...

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Whitney Peterson, Section 28 NATS 101 Final Exam Section A Question 1 The African grass species have been imported to provide good for livestock, supporting the beef industry. This also is beneficial for ranchers who are struggling to keep their land for grazing. They have a lot working against them because of the environmental concerns on the impacts of land grazing. Environmentalists have come up with an idea that involves bidding on land to protect it from grazing. This has caused some farmers loss of grazing permits but seems almost necessary and very beneficial. This is a somewhat of a win-win situation because the state will actually be making money so that these lands will not be grazed on. Living in San Diego, California I have seen several wildfires around the county. Unfortunately even right through my own neighborhood, Scripps Ranch. Wildfires should be taken very seriously and I think anything that contributes to them should be stopped. Livestock contributes directly with wildfires for a couple of reasons. One involves the livestock eating away grasses that normally help balance the nutrients among trees, like the ponderosa pine. From this more pine seedlings establish creating a larger fire hazard. Grazing is also causing more insects living among trees. According to George Wuerthner from the National Public Lands Grazing Campaign, “Under such extreme drought conditions, such trees are actually more flammable than dead trees.” The slightest contact with fire would have the trees “explode” into flames. I didn’t know much at all about the economic, environmental, and political affects caused by land grazing. It really effects more than people are commonly aware of. Personally, I believe that land grazing does need to be controlled to a certain extent. It is
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Whitney Peterson, Section 28 hard to know where to draw the line. The environment is suffering from over-grazing but without it our economy would suffer. I think purchasing permits for land grazing is a good method to provide balance. However, if environmentalists are being able to out-bid these permit holders then maybe the issue is the price of these permits. If permits become more expensive then farmers could still buy land to graze on, but the amount of land requested to graze on would decrease with the price increase. I understand that some of the smaller farms might not be able to afford to graze on the same amount of space they currently have, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere. Environmentalists and ranchers are never going to come to an equal understanding. It’s time to think about what is going to work for the future.
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NATS 101 Final Exam - Whitney Peterson Section 28 NATS 101...

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