Exam 2 solutions spring 09

Exam 2 solutions spring 09 - *IMPORTANT NOTICE Before you...

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Unformatted text preview: ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Before you start the test, print your name on each page. Use the blank space provided after each question to work out the problem. WRITE NEATLY! No partial credit will be given when your work is illegible. And no credit will be given for a numerical answer that is correct but not accompanied by any written equations that show us how you arrived at your result. Be sure to enter your final answer into the marked box whenever such a box is provided. Express numerical answers with the appropriate number of significant figures and give units when appropriate. Physics 0175 - Second Hour Examination Print Your Name: Page 1 of 6 DO NOT WRITE IN THIS BOX! Problem (points) Score Problem (points) Score #1 (25) #3 (25) #2 (25) #4 (25) Total Test (100) Problem #1 (25 points): (a) The figure below shows an end-on view of three parallel wires that are perpendicular to the plane of the paper. For two of the wires on the left, the current is directed into the page, while for the wire on the right the current is directed out of the page. The magnitudes of the current for each wire are equal and the middle wire is equidistant from the wire on the left "rLA- vL w'.oJ\ ) (E) down (b) A current carrying loop of radius 0.5m has a magnetic dipole moment direction that makes an angle of 60o with respect to a uniform external B field of magnitude 0.5 T. What is the magnitude of the external magnetic flux through the loop? (5 points) /, (A) 0.2s0 T.m2 (B) 0.785 T.m2 (C) 0.340 T.m2 (D) 0.50 O -r./' @0.196 T.m2 r - - s ( - 5 r ' , ) ' - r , x - 5 T , ' . - , . . ....
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2009 for the course PHYS 0175 taught by Professor Koehler during the Spring '08 term at Pittsburgh.

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Exam 2 solutions spring 09 - *IMPORTANT NOTICE Before you...

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