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1150 Name: TA: Section Time: Quiz, Due 9:30 Tuesday 3/24/09 1. Taking Sides: Issue 6. According to the web site overview of same-sex marriage debate, same-gender couples may want to marry for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT: a. To have legal protection and security for themselves and any children they may have. b. To have the social recognition of family, friends, and society at large c. To advance their political agenda in order to spite heterosexual couples d. To benefit from the emotional and financial structure that legal-marriage can afford many couple 2. Currently, in which of the following countries can same-gender couples get married? a. The Netherlands b. France c. Zimbabwe d. Sweden 3. According to HRC, what do opponents of same-sex marriage fear will be the result of legalizing marriage for everyone? a. That it would make the institution of marriage, which they believe is meant to be between a man and a woman, meaningless. b. That stores at which couples typically register for wedding gifts will be unable to maintain their stock of certain items due to the dramatic increase in weddings. c. That different-gender couples will be so turned off by same-sex couples having equal rights, they will stop getting married themselves in protest. d. That more and more same-gender couples and weddings will be depicted in the media alongside. different-gender couples 4. According to HRC, why can’t a same-gender couple simply go to a lawyer and draw up papers granting them the same rights as different-gender, married couples? a. They don’t feel comfortable discussing this issue with a legal professional b. There actually are no legal documents granting eligibility around such issues as family leave, Medicaid coverage, and Social Security survivor benefits c. It is illegal for a same-gender couple to apply for family leave, social security and Medicate benefits in the United States d. They were married in a country where same-sex marriage is legal 1
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5. Sprigg argues that all of the following are reasons why lesbian and gay people would make unfit parents, and therefore should not be allowed to marry, EXCEPT; a. Gay men are promiscuous and have, along with lesbians, a higher rate of sexually transmitted infections than heterosexual people b. Lesbian and gay men have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, depression
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150TAKEHOMEQUIZ - 1150 Name: TA: Section Time: Quiz, Due...

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