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Policy Speech Outline - Katie Bakalarski Policy Speech...

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Katie Bakalarski Policy Speech – Lowering Social Security Benefits Fossils from over 100,000 years ago show that Neandertals cared for their sick and elderly when they could no longer forage or hunt for themselves, according to Inne Choi, an anthropology professor here at UWSP. That tradition, of course, has continued, and I’m sure none of us would leave our grandparents or elderly neighbors to fend for themselves. Like the early Neandertals were unable to forage for themselves and had to rely on their families to bring back food for them, our elderly can no longer work, and rely on the workers to bring back money for them. This makes perfect sense…but how much becomes too much? There comes a point where you begin hurting yourself by helping others, and we are getting too close. The amount of money that is being taken out o f our paychecks is becoming too much to afford; the Social Security benefits given to our elderly should be cut down to keep the economy functioning. I. We currently pay 6.2% of our income, up to $6,324 to Social Security, and 1.45% with no limit to Medicare. a. That’s a total of 7.65% of our paycheck being put towards helping out the people that need it. i.
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Policy Speech Outline - Katie Bakalarski Policy Speech...

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