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HP 34401A Digital Multimeter Tutorial 1 Introduction The DMM is simple; so, this tutorial only contains a few bulleted notes and two examples. In Figure 1, there is an image of the front panel interface. 2 Interface Notes To measure DC or AC current or voltage, use the two leftmost buttons in the FUNCTION section. The options for measuring current are in blue, and require use of the Shift key. Use the blue “Shift” key to select options labeled in blue. For example, to measure DC current, ±rst press Shift and then press the upper-left button labeled “DC I” in blue. To measure voltage or resistance, plug in the probes as in Figure 1. To measure current, you MUST switch the red probe to the lower-right input port (labeled “I”); otherwise, the current would not be measured. Also, please remember to switch back to the probe con±guration shown in Figure 1 when measuring voltage again.
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HP34401A_DMultimeter_Tutorial - HP 34401A Digital...

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