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Lab1_Report - 3.1.5 What is the time measured with...

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Report 1: Introduction to SPICE Name: Lab Section: Attach your netlists and plots in the order you created them for the lab. For section 3.1 in the experiment, only include the netlist for one transient analysis step time. Also remember to print your plots with a white background. 3.1.4 According to the graph, how long does it take for the capacitor to charge from 0 to 3 . 16 V? How does this value compare to the expected RC time constant?
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Unformatted text preview: 3.1.5 What is the time measured with the .measure statement? How does this result compare to that ob-tained in Awaves (the one from the graph)? 3.1.6 What e±ect does changing the step time have on the result of the .measure statement? 3.3.2 What is the voltage gain of the circuit shown in Figure 3 of the lab experiment? 1...
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