Lab3 - Experiment 3: Bipolar Junction Transistor...

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment 3: Bipolar Junction Transistor Characterization 1 Objective The BJT was invented in 1948 by William Shockley at Bell Labs, and became the first mass-produced tran- sistor. Having a good grasp of the physics of the BJT is key to understanding its operation and applications. In this lab, we will explore the BJTs four regions of operation and also determine its characteristic values, such as DC current gain and Early voltage V A . The transistor used in this lab is the 2N4401, an NPN de- vice. It is strongly recommended that you read and understand the section on BJT physics before beginning this experiment. 2 Materials You will need the components listed in Table 1. Note: Be sure to answer the questions on the report as you proceed through this lab. The report questions are labeled according to the sections in the experiment. CAU- TION: FOR THIS EXPERIMENT, THE TRANSISTORS CAN BECOME EXTREMELY HOT!!! Component Quantity 1 M resistor 1 5 k resistor 1 100 resistor 4 2N4401 NPN BJT 2 Table 1: Components used in this lab 3 Procedure 3.1 Determining the Region of Operation 1. Set up the circuit shown in Figure 1, with R B = 1 M, R C = 5 k, R E = 100 , and V CC = 5 V. If you need help identifying the terminals of the discrete BJT, please refer to Figure 2- + V BB R B I B R C I C- + V CC R E I E Figure 1: BJT measurement setup for this lab. 1 3 PROCEDURE 2 Figure 2: For your reference, this is an illustration of the mapping between the terminals of a discrete NPN BJT and those of its circuit symbol counterpart.BJT and those of its circuit symbol counterpart....
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Lab3 - Experiment 3: Bipolar Junction Transistor...

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