Lab6 - Experiment 6 Biasing Circuitry 1 Objective Setting...

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment 6: Biasing Circuitry 1 Objective Setting up a biasing network for amplifiers often involves using transistors to build voltage and current sources to deliver the right amount of biasing to the main amplifier components. In this lab, we explore how to build these sources and fine tune their output values to achieve the optimal biasing environment. 2 Materials The items listed in table 1 will be needed. Note: Be sure to answer the questions on the report as you proceed through this lab. The report questions are labeled according to the sections in the experiment. CAUTION: FOR THIS EXPERIMENT, THE TRANSISTORS CAN BECOME EXTREMELY HOT!!! Component Quantity 2N4401 NPN BJT 1 2N4403 PNP BJT 2 10 kΩ resistor 1 100 Ω resistor 1 100 kΩ resistor 1 10 kΩ potentiometer 1 Table 1: Components used in this lab 3 Procedure 3.1 Voltage Sources In this part of the lab, we use a BJT as a voltage source to supply 650 mV, which is a typical bias voltage for the base of a common emitter. Figure 1: A typical potentiometer 1. Before building the circuit for this part of the lab, be sure to setup your potentiometer so that the leftmost two terminals have the MAXIMUM possible resistance across them (which should be about 10 kΩ). For assistance, please refer to Figure 1, which illustrates a typical potentiometer. Please be absolutely sure that you use these terminals as the initial resistance for your circuit; otherwise your transistor may BURN UP! 1 3 PROCEDURE 2- V OUT + R C I C R SUP 100 Ω V CC Figure 2: Voltage source using a transistor 2. Now build the circuit shown in Figure 2, setting V CC = 5 V....
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Lab6 - Experiment 6 Biasing Circuitry 1 Objective Setting...

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