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Bakalarski 1 Katie Bakalarski G. Christopher Williams English 150 – 8 18 February 2008 In Jay Rosen’s “Why Campaign Coverage Sucks,” Rosen discusses the specific reasons that political journalism creates misconceptions and gives an air of bad journalism in general. He utilizes authority throughout the essay in various ways to explain the faults of the media when it comes to politics. His audience of political followers upset with their political media can relate greatly to him and of course, the topic at hand. Not only can the audience relate to Rosen, however, but they can also look to him as a trustworthy leader for their endeavors. He creates a powerful persona for himself throughout the essay to gain acceptance, respect, and authority from both his audience and, to some extent, his challengers, who, as ironic as it sounds, are political journalists, a group he technically belongs to. Rosen’s essay on the faults of the political media is an effective argument largely due to the authority he creates by proving his familiarity with the subject matter. While Rosen’s essay is all about relating to his audience, he manages to do so in a very formal way that evokes a sense of power. After a very short introduction the essay is broken up into six parts, each discussing a single aspect of his argument. Each subsequent section takes information from the previous section into consideration and expands on it. The “chapters” are each titled and the titles intertwine with quotes from various political journalists in each section. This simple, but important, aspect of his essay turns it into a sort of novel, giving it a larger significance than what it truly holds. This gives him an authority as it shows him capable of organizing his thoughts into clear sections and
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Evaluative Paper - Bakalarski 1 Katie Bakalarski G....

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