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Test 2 study guide: This is just a study guide not a sample exam; you are responsible for all the readings from the book and all the materials covered in the lecture, lab, and specially assignments (1 to 6). Possible questions are: 1) Traces: a. Trace code segment: If and switch statements (Use exercises at the end of chapter 5 to practice.) Loops (while, for, do-while) (Use exercises at the end of chapter 6 to practice.) Using functions (pass by value, and reference) (Use exercises at the end of chapter 7 to
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Unformatted text preview: practice.) 2) Write functions a. Using pass by value and reference (Review sample programs, passing simple types and objects) b. Returning a value (Using return statement to send one value back) 3) Write a program to use functions (User defined and System sqrt(), pow(),sin(),) 4) All of the syntax you have studied so far like classes, objects, cin, cout, system and user defined functions, if, switch, arithmetic expressions are on the test....
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