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106 final-oral-study_guide

106 final-oral-study_guide - on command of the sentence...

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EALC 106 Chinese II Final -Oral exam study guide There are two parts in the final oral exam: a skit and an individual interview with the instructor. For Part I, you need to perform a skit in class with other one or two students. For Part II, you need to meet with the instructor individually and answer questions from the instructor. The questions will be from EVERY chapter we covered this semester. Skit: You are required to create a coherent story to include at least 4 of the topics that our texts have covered. Time for each skit is around 7-10 minutes (3 minutes for each student). The script/draft for the presentation should be typed in characters (Please leave enough space between the lines for comments) and turn in on date (see class schedule. The presentation should be accompanied by effective use of visual aids (photographs, video, drawings, maps, etc.). Students will be evaluated
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Unformatted text preview: on command of the sentence patterns and vocabulary taught during the semester (at least 25 patterns for the whole skit. Please refer to our grammar sheets on blackboard), as well as on the originality. Each student will be evaluated on his/her own Chinese proficiency. Please practice thoroughly before you present your skit in class. Using your script frequently will affect your grade. Grading criteria: Part 1 (Skit): 1. Contents (originality, coherency, appropriateness, comprehensibility) (15%) 2. Variety of structure/expressions (15%) 3. Pronunciation (10%) 4. Flow of presentation/cooperation/ Memorization /fluency (10%) 5. Acting /visual aids/performance (10%) Part 2 (Interview): (1) Correct and prompt responses (15%) (2) Proper use of sentence patterns and structures (15%) (3) Correct pronunciation including tones (10%) 1...
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