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A volume table- a tabular presentation of the average volume of a tree in terms of diameter, height, and sometimes form. Units of measurement: cubic foot Volume/age= Mean yearly growth. Helps determine rotational age. Time Age- Elapsed time since germination of the seed, or time since the budding sprot or cutting. Spring wood- wood is laid down in spring less until dormancy. Methods of estimating age- Annual Ring count. Most accurate. Count of branch whorls. More for smaller trees Size and vigor of the tree crown. Texture and colour of the bark. Examination of past logging records 1600’s last time we had a similair to our present drought it lasted 35 years.
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Unformatted text preview: Methods of forest inventory implementation 1. a Complete tree tally 2. A sampling process-Fixed area plots (probability proportional to frequency)-Point Sampling (propbability proportional to size) 3p sampling (propbability proportional to prediction) Means to determine annual/periodic for a area: area control, volume control. Subdivisions of v control, formula rules, simulation techniques, resource allocation methods. Foresters are more interested in volume collected not area collected over....
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