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Homework 3 (Due 09/24/07 in class) Please write both your name and Section Number on your HW answers! 1. Chapter 7 Exercises: a. Within-Chapter Exercise 7A.3 b. Within-Chapter Exercise 7A.7 c. End-of-Chapter Exercise 7.1A(a)-(g) d. End-of-Chapter Exercise 7.3A(a),(b); B(a),(b). Correction: problem refers to exercise 6.2, NOT 6.3. e. End-of-Chapter Exercise 7.6A(a)-(g). Correction: problem refers to exercise 6.1, NOT 6.2. 2. Chapter 8 Exercises:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Within-Chapter Exercise 8A.1 b. Within-Chapter Exercise 8A.5 c. Within-Chapter Exercise 8A.6 d. End-of-Chapter Exercise 8.4A(a)-(d) e. End-of-Chapter Exercise 8.6A(a)-(d). Correction to part (d): $350 should be $400 instead. 3. Chapter 9 Exercises: a. Within-Chapter Exercise 9A.4 b. Within-Chapter Exercise 9A.5 c. End-of-Chapter Exercise 9.2A(a)-(d) d. End-of-Chapter Exercise 9.4A(a)-(d)...
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